Cycle-Tek & Boostbysmith Are Pleased to

Introduce a New 2-Step Rev-Limiter

with Integrated LED Shift Light


Video Demonstration on my Turbo Hayabusa


Video Demonstration on a Naturally Aspirated Hayabusa

Video Demonstration of Autoshift Output

Unit comes complete with wire harness, scotch lock and easy crimp connectors to make installation very easy and straight-forward.  Detailed directions with photos as well as an instructional video are supplied on CD.


Both Launch and Shift Light RPM are adjustable from 3,000 RPM - 15,700 RPM in 100 RPM increments using easy to use dip switches and push buttons.  (500 RPM - 12000 RPM setting is also available if needed).


** Optional:  If you have an existing Air or CO2 Shifter on your bike with a kill box currently being triggered by a ground signal coming from your horn or other button, this unit is available with an optional relay pre-wired outside of the enclosure that you can hook to your kill box and air solenoid.  This will trigger the Air or CO2 shifter to shift each the time shift light RPM is met.  This will allow you to focus on other things while piloting your motorcycle down the track.

Actual Enclosure Dimensions: 

2.75" x 1.84" x .96"


Lead time is 2 weeks or less from time payment is received.


Price with LED Shift Light:   $260.00 + Shipping

Price with LED Shift Light & Optional Auto-Shift Output  $275.00 + Shipping

To order proceed to BoostBySmith

*Please Specify LED Color: 

Red, Blue, Orange, Green are available in both a chrome housing as well as standard black finish housing.